November G.
San Francisco, CA

Alex has a great balance of professionalism and sincerity in the way he cares for our dog. My pup has had issues in the past with separation anxiety and people who have watched him would baby him and ultimately hinder his training to be independent. Conversely, I've worked in kennels and have seen some things go on that would anger me as a dog owner. Alex, however, will provide your pup with fun romps in the sun while reinforcing good habits. My little guy is always tired and happy when I get home..never worried, never anxious. He really is in good shape these days and iI credit it to Alex and All About SF Dogs.

Dan S.
San Francisco, CA

Alex and those at All About SF Dogs are the most awesome dog loving people I know. I moved to SF and found Alex on the web - he met me within two days, spent time discussing the personality of my dog, and has always been on time, dependable and loving & caring for Sophia the Original Wonder Dog (my dog of to which I am biased). On a recent occaison, my dog had become ill - and I was on my way out of town - Alex was awesome in how he took care of my dog and nursed her back to health. I would highly recommend the All About SF Dogs team! They are awesome!

Jaime L.  
San Francisco, CA

If you live in the city, you know how difficult it is to own a dog. The All About SF Dogs family is the best choice for dog walking services if you want a group of people who will respect your home and take great care of your dog.

Alex and his team are always polite and make sure they leave things exactly the way they found them when they bring our pup home. After being under Alex's watchful eye for a few months now, we already notice the improvement in behavior when we take him for walks ourselves. With all the exercise he gets with Alex and the other dogs, he (and we) are much happier. We don't have to worry about him chewing on anything or causing destruction while we're out because he gets all of his energy out! He gets so excited when they come to pick him up, it's great to see that Alex and his team build such a close relationship with their dogs.

All About SF Dogs is definitely worth the price. You're not just paying for a quick walk, All About SF Dogs really goes the extra mile to make sure your dog has the time of his life and makes friends with the other dogs :)

Adrian K.
San Francisco, CA

We have appreciated the professionalism, courtesy, and guidance of All About SF Dogs since last November, 2009. Unfortunately, our dog was considered un-walkable after a biting incident with his previous dog walker. After an in-home visit and receiving valuable training advice from Alex, Marley was allowed a 2nd chance. Although he was obviously accepted probationariliy, we have been very grateful for his improved temperament at home and on family walks. Considering Marley might otherwise have been given away or even euthanized, we are very grateful to now have a happier & better-behaved dog. My recommendation is heartfelt and enthusiastic to anyone considering the potential benefits of calling All About SF Dogs. You will experience 5 Star service and your dog will have safe canine companionship coupled with rigorous exercise. Our nearly 2-yr. old labradoodle, Marley, sends a sincere "Rowf" of approval himself!

Jon T.
San Francisco, CA

Alex from All about SF Dogs has been walking our dog for almost a year now. We have been very happy with his services. He's friendly, professional, trustworthy, and our pup adores him. Sometimes I think our dog loves him more than he loves us!

We found All About SF Dogs after using another dog walker who was unable to control our pup during off-leash walks at Ft. Funston. He was just a puppy and wouldn't stay with the pack. Alex had no problem working on his recall skills and training him to stay with the group.

Alex was also able to take care of our pup during the times that we've had to leave for vacation. There was no doubt our pup would be in a safe and fun environment, letting us to enjoy our time away.

I highly recommend Alex and All About SF Dogs.

Cynthia S.
San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend Alex as a dog walker. Aside from being an honest and trustworthy person, he's a true dog lover, has a calm demeanor and has played an integral part in helping to socialize my dog. I 100% trust my dog in Alex's care.

San Francisco, CA

As a newcomer to San Francisco, I had a long list of things I needed to find in my new city, from an apartment to a hairdresser to a dry cleaner. But the first thing I really needed to find was a dog walker.

This was a new concept to me, and I felt pretty nervous about entrusting my dog to someone I didn't know who would come into my home to pick up him up and take him out with a group of other dogs. It all sounded rather dicey to me.

From the first meeting, I felt comfortable with Alex. And so did Mo.

Mo has now been walking with Alex for the past 9 months, and he has had several overnights when I was out of town or had work obligations. I have always felt happy knowing that Mo is spending time outdoors, getting exercise, and spending time with other dogs and while being watched over by someone who really cares about him and for him. Alex is great about communicating and always gets back to me quickly when I have a question or need to make a schedule change.

If you're looking for someone to take good care of your dog and to provide a professional service, All About SF Dogs is a great choice.

Joanna N.
San Francisco, CA

Professional, friendly, and insured! Best of all--it's reasonably PRICED, unlike other places in SF.

I feel comfortable leaving my two little dogs for more than 8 hours or even just for a couple of hours to go for a nice walk in the park. When I came to pick up my dogs- they didn't even want to leave! My dogs always come back happy and I could really tell that they are in good hands.

I would recommend 'All About SF Dogs' to anyone who wants good service and someone who truly cares about your dog.

Shannon C.
San Francisco, CA

My dog loves Alex. Similar to Mo, we were new to the city and I needed someone to walk my pup. First hurdle was he doesn't like strangers. But Alex immediately connected with him. Next concern was dependability. I needed to find a walker I could count on. Alex met that challenge too. He's always on time and really cares about my dog. He even sends me updates. My dog looks forward to walks with Alex. When Alex shows up for the walk, my pup does backflips. Really! I am so happy we found All About SF Dogs. Also, overnights are easy to schedule.

Ona E.
San Francisco, CA
All about SF dogs is great. Frida comes home exhausted and content from her walks, and eagerly greets Alex when we have bumped into him in the neighborhood.

Great service and great deal!